Affilorama Alternative

Pieter Venter22 January 7, 2015: 26Hi Christine, I'm also South Africa (it seems that this blog where are hung all inhabitants) started recently worked for an international company, after me, payment option, whether by Payoneer card, PayPal or bank transfer. I have an account at FNB, so your comment above, is tempting, just use PayPal with a ETF, but I'm a little worried about the delays to retrieve my money. Is based on the principle, already a bit of American society, that pay me to PayPal and then taken for days until my ETF account before it can be used. (I'm fairly new to the company, so virtually still have not received any payment, but I think that's still at least a week to week from PayPal to affilorama alternative FNB and PayPal). I am willing to try Payoneer, but one thing that bothers me is when the loan as a loan request, you need a track record of good credit and proof of income. A contract of employment is usually not for SA banks because they want to see physically money every month to come. If I only have my income of Payoneer and life of this map are the banks, I do not earn an income. There are statements that accept a local bank or a way to show that I can offer for this? Delete and ,.